LINK is so DRAMATIC! January 31 2017

Diane & Christie LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece by LINK!
Talk about DRAMA!
This is one of those pieces that will stay in your wardrobe FOREVER!
There are tons of little details here and there that make it a versatile, edgy tunic that can be worn in a million different ways.
The neck has different lays and a working zipper so you can add your own creative touch.  
The different fabrics give it an artistic edge.
This piece is cut generously with slender arms.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to own your own piece of textile art!
LINK arose as a result of binding two very well established Croatian designers Ogi Antunac and Zoran Mrvoš. 
Both of them working individually as fashion designers, existed separately on fashion scene, but they decided to integrate their fashion statements so LINK stands for mindful, urban, ready-to-wear, intelligent clothing.
Gotta have it?!  Check out the LINK Pixie Tunic in detail here!
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