Coobie Full Size Seamless Lace Trimmed Bra - Multiple Colors Available

$ 24.00

Coobie Seamless Bra, V-neck Full Size is the same as the One Size V-neck with Lace trim but in a larger “Full” size. Ultra comfortable and stylish.

Full Size fits sizes 38A to 42D-DD. 

Try one and let us know what you think!

The wider straps on this item are sewn on in the front & make for added comfort and are adjustable. Each bra has removable pads as well. The fabric is made of an ultra soft nylon and spandex blend.

Seamless so no hooks or clasps. Back is smooth. The fabric is made of an ultra soft nylon and spandex blend.

Perfect for everyday wear, work, the gym, yoga, and so much more! 


This is what other women are saying about Coobie Bras...

Wow, these bras are amazing! I’m in LOVE. They feel great, wear great and are soo comfortable. Finally a great bra. Emily, NC
I was a non-beliver but now I believe EVERY woman should have one. Sally, OR
No question! These bras are absolutely AMAZING… – Adrienne, Bloomingdale, IL
telling all my friends “Coobies for your Boobies” – Adrienne, Bloomingdale, IL
Love this thing – Annie, Lexington, KY
Best Bra EVER! Everyone needs a few – Camile, Boulder, CO
I can’t believe it fits me but it does … perfectly – Lauren, Cornelius, NC
Nothing feels as good as my Coobie to sleep in – Donna, Dallas, TX
I’ve worn my Coobie for 4 days in a row and love it – Jenny, Knoxville, TN
Seriously… my favorite bra! Everyone needs one – Halley, Boston, MA
My friend gave me the Coobie and I’d like to say thank you Susan!!! – MaryAnne, LA, CA
Can’t live without my Coobie – Sarah, Charlotte, NC
I bought one for everyone in my family – Tanisha, New Orleans, LA
The best bra for the money hands down – Melissa, Miami, FL
My Coobie is my security blanket – Allison, Tulsa, OK
Thank you Coobie Bra people – Abbey, Phoenix, AZ
You said it would fit almost every body – I’m a 36 G and it fits! Mary, Houston, TX
This is my 3rd time ordering for my friends – they love them. Angela, Rockville, MD
Please tell me when you have more colors – I want every one. Cindy, Naples, FL
This is the ONLY bra my “new girls” are happy in. Thank you. Lisa, Bellingham, WA
I recommend almost every patient who’s had an augmentation to get several Coobies.
Pure comfort. Janet, Cleveland, OH
My daughter gave me a Coobie for my 69th birthday. I love it. Sandra, Macon, GA
That Coobie Bra – I’m blown away – I need 3 more!. Milly, Huntersville, NC
This is the best bra for a young breast cancer survivor!! I love them. It’s my favorite find of the year! Susan, Winchester, VA

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