Kedem Sasson Asymmetric Jacket - Red

$ 297.50

With a formal education in art, designer Kedem Sasson, created his “art to wear” line over 17 years ago.

Kedem Sasson is considered a top fashionista in Israel especially after his appearance as "The Mentor" on "Project Runway Israel."

He introduced his first clothing line over 17 years ago wanting to give his wife stylish clothing options.  

Since then Kedem Sasson has continued to take a blank canvas and turn it into wearable art. With his talent to turn clothing into a three dimensional art piece his popularity has continued to grow.

He was motivated by his wife's meager and unimaginative clothing options & found a large void in women’s plus size market with a lack of fun and creativity.

Sasson’s collection, became his passion as he regards each design as an art project, specializing in three dimensional designs that mix Fabrics, patterns, and unusual cuts.

Today the Kedem Sasson collection is worn by women of all sizes worldwide.   "My imagination goes wild when I start out creating each design, Turning a blank canvas into three dimensional wearable arts"!  Most recently he was the mentor on the Israeli version of Project Runway!

Kedem's pieces are One Size and fit best on women sizes Med through XXL.

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