Luukaa Crisp Mantra Shirt

$ 132.00

Turkish label Luukaa creates innovative designs perfect for layering.

To complement the elegant use of volume and dramatic proportions, their collections embrace neutral tones with splashes of muted colours.

Incorporate these pieces into your casual wardrobe to make a statement with your weekend wear.

Luukaa is a line known for their comfort, their quirky attitude and their unstructured approach to fashion.

Their designs are meant to empower women whatever their age, shape or size.

Luukaa offers an extensive size scale of 8 to 20 to fit a broader range of women.

They believe comfort is not a luxury but a must.

Size 1=XS Size 2=S Size 3=M Size 4=L Size 5=XL Size 6=1X

Printed at the bottom of the Mantra shirt is "listen to your own voice, your own soul.  too many people listen to the noise of the world instead of themselves"

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