Pia Rossini Kai Scarf - Cranberry / Gold

$ 36.00

Pia Rossini's name and fashion ideology is derived from the breath taking Lakes of Italy, where style and elegance radiate, with the aim of injecting a touch of the Italian beauty into every collection!

At Pia they're all about wearable fashion – chic, stylish and on trend.

With a belief that accessories are essential to completing and easily transforming a simple style to something stunning, we, and you alike, know that they should never be underestimated. So let’s celebrate – have fun and express your personality with Pia!

We're completely taken by the Autumnal hues of this Kai Scarf!

Rustic florals and delicate blossoms, plus a subtle hint of gold shimmer lends this stunning shimmer scarf a romantic edge.

Generously sized for multiple styling options - we love!

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