The Beach Glass - Assorted Colors

$ 9.98

They float in the pool or in your bathtub!  They stand upright in the sand at the beach!  Stick them in the ground at your next football or baseball game!  Perfect in the snow!

The Beach Glass is the best way to enjoy your wine, beer, cocktail or favorite beverage on the beach, at the park, slope side or floating in the pool!

The Beach Glass is the perfect fit for the outdoors!

Made of durable, BPA-free acrylic, each Beach Glass holds over 12 ounces of the beverage of your choice.

These acrylic glasses are dishwasher safe, and a reusable alternative to disposable plastic cups. 

CLEAN BEACH TIPS from Save Our Shores:

  • Please avoid bringing single-use polystyrene (styrofoam) and plastic items such as coolers, plastic bags, utensils, red cups, and picnic plates to the beach
  • Try packing your food and drinks in reusable cups and containers worth taking back home with you
  • It’s cool to transport your party stuff in reusable bags and to pack your trash back home with you
  • Please don’t leave your firework shells, broken tent, bbq, or chairs behind on the beach… it’s just rude
  • When using a beach fire pit, please don’t burn your trash or use the fire pit as a garbage can, tides can carry debris out to sea


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