Transparente Tuck Skirt - Black

$ 222.50

It all started at a young age for Homa. Fashion was, is and forever will be her passion.  She started working at fashion boutiques in Los Angeles and later took her knowledge, skill and experience to Germany where she owned two boutiques in Hamburg.  

While working in her boutiques as a buyer, many clients who came into the store felt frustrated, sad, disappointed, and ashamed of themselves that they couldn’t find the fun, funky, comfortable, sexy, cool clothing they wanted in their size anywhere.

She felt empathy for her clients and was inspired by the mantra that “beauty has no size, beauty fits you”. So with inspiration and creativity, she went on to design and manufacture TRANSPARENTE.

Transparente has European style and European fabrics. This combination creates up to date trendy fashion.  It is meant to be layered so you can combine pieces to achieve your style.

This line is definitely elegant, sporty, sexy or casual.

With Transparente you can have it all.

Clothing is One Size Fits All

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