Zuza Bart Twisted Cape with Sleeves

$ 399.00

Zuzanna Bartecka began her adventure with knitwear.

Her first creations were sweaters-landscapes – real or imaginary. They were so innovative, that the Ministry of Culture and Art awarded her with a indefinite permit to perform the occupation of artist of fabric and knitwear.

Felt is another material that has gained Zuzanna Bartecka’s greater attention. She designed a special technology of producing it, that allows felt to gain a new face. Uncanny coats, jackets, shawls, hats, skirts and dresses are being made.

It is not an uncommon phenomena in her company for people to spontaneously swag bits and pieces of fabric on mannequins, which leads to the creation of unique designs that inspire a collection.

This fanciful sleeved cape is quilted with beautiful felted wool artfully strung along it and a hood to keep you warm!

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