Skirting The Issue... April 09 2016


You just found THE PERFECT SKIRT!

Now you're standing in front of your mirror at home, tops and shoes flung everywhere.... still no idea how to wear that perfect skirt!

We have some pointers and fun ideas for you!

Does your skirt have PLEATS?  

  • DO wear it with a heel, kitten to killer, as legs need to be lengthened in a mid length skirt.
  • DON'T team it with strict shirting or you'll end up look like your elementary school principal.  Instead choose looser tops that hint at or expose decolletage!

Is your skirt a SARONG?

  • DO keep it simple.  Tuck a basic T-shirt into the waistband to minimize any bulky layers.
  • DON'T mistake simple for casual.  This skirt needs interesting accessories to keep it defined as day dressing.

Is your skirt SHEER?

  • DO experiment with different lengths of underskirt, depending on how much leg you want to show.  
  • DON'T double up on sheer.  A heavier top creates a better balance.

Is your skirt a MINI?

  • DO opt for a voluminous or oversized top rather than something fitted to create a more modern and less suggestive look.
  • DON'T pair it with stiletto heels, they may lengthen your legs, but flats or shorter heels are just as flattering and help keep it less "Hey Sailor" shall we say!
Now GO!  Conquer the World in that fabulous new skirt of yours!  And remember, don't be afraid to experiment!  HAVE FUN WITH THAT PERFECT SKIRT!