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Save Your Marriage Using Only A Jewelry Organizer! January 09 2018


You know who you are! All that jewelry taking up real estate on the top of the dresser or on the counter in the bathroom!  You know it makes your significant other nuts! 

So what's stopping you from organizing that glittery, fabulous mess?

First, let's figure out which Clutter Personality you are!

Sentimentalist- “Oh, the little darling. Isn’t that cute? I saved every single macaroni necklace each of my 16 children made from preschool up through college.” or "This bracelet belonged to my great Aunt twice removed!".

Hoarder-“I might need this someday. It's 10 years out of date and broken, but someday...."

Procrastinator-“I’ll do it tomorrow.  I need to figure out a game plan first."

Rebel– “I don’t want to and you can’t make me!” 

Do any of these clutter personality types feel familiar?

If you’ve struggled with getting organized in the past, chances are that you do see yourself in one or two of these types.

And if organizing has brought you into conflict with your spouse, it is likely that your spouse is a very different clutter personality type than you.

Appreciate your spouse’s different style and don’t take their resistance to getting organized as a personal affront. Validate their experience and that it makes sense why it may be hard for him/her, without playing psychologist. If they are willing to stretch out of their comfort zone and get more organized.

Like any issue in a marriage, organizing can be a source of conflict if you can’t appreciate the otherness of your spouse and their unique perspective. By understanding your spouse’s clutter personality type, you’ll be better equipped to working together in harmony and creating a productive home life.

And just think... you can take that first baby step by picking up all that jewelry that's taking up dresser space or counter top space and putting it in a pretty jewelry organizer!

So go from this....  to this... !

Why We Love Resolutions (And You Should, Too!) January 03 2018

When did ringing in the New Year become such a big deal?

The new year can mean a clean slate... the perfect opportunity to start over, literally and figuratively!

What's your New Years Resolution?  How can you make it more attainable? 

Baby steps chicas!  Baby steps!

Love The Body You're With - Finale May 27 2016

Short and Petite?

Big and Curvy?


Petite?  WORK IT!  I'm sure if you had a nickel for every time someone used you as an armrest or you could only shop in the kids department, you'd be a millionaire, right?  Well here's how to feel like you've just strutted off the runway!  You can pull off delicate prints beautifully!  Try to avoid larger prints as they can overwhelm you.  Show off those legs honey!  Your skirts should always be knee length or above to avoid looking squat.  Jeans?  Select a wide leg or boot cut style.  The denim should skim your thighs then maintain that width throughout so you can wear your heels without exposing your footwear.  It gives you a nice long line.  Choose your jewelry so that it takes the eye vertically and not horizontally.

Curvy?  WORK IT!  I know how you hate hearing "you have such a pretty face" or having your caloric intake silently monitored and don't even get me started about swimsuit season!  But guess what!  You don't have to be skinny to feel sophisticated, put together and sexy!  Be a smart plus size shopper.. a lot of designers create shapeless pieces and expect us to be happy, nooooo.... look for the items that can be adjusted to your own figure, like wrap dresses and belted coats.  Make colors and patterns work hard for you - brights or prints will attract attention to the areas you feel most confident about, while dark hues will downplay problem areas.  Need jeans?  Krazy Larry and DL1961 makes jeans with 4 way stretch that won't bag or sag.  What they will do is conform to your shape for a smooth, comfy fit.  

That's enough to work on for now....and remember...  LOVE. YOUR. SHAPE!

Love The Body You're With - Part 3 May 25 2016

Today we are going to discuss your butt.
That's right... your bum, booty, behind...
Whether large and curvy or small and athletic, we'll make you love yours!


Big Booty?  WORK IT!  Don't hide it with oversize pieces that can make you look wider all over!  Go for dresses with cinched waistlines or body conscious styles that hug your curves!  Skinny jeans are your bffs!  The tapered leg elongates your lower half, whereas boyfriend or boot cut styles tend to add bulk.  Wear shapewear that covers your midsection, tush and thighs... not to slim down, but to create a smooth hipline and eliminate VPL under form fitting skirts and dresses.


Pancake Butt?  WORK IT!  If there was ever a person who could rock a jumpsuit, it's YOU!  The one piece is the ultimate item for small bootys.  A cinched waist separating a loose fitting top and slim bottoms will help your upper and lower body look proportionate.  Waist definition takes the focus off your bum and places it on your middle, emphasizing you shapeliest section... high waisted pants and dresses with darts around the stomach area are perfect for you.  When you doing the dreaded jeans shopping, look for large back pockets that are in the center of the seat and styles that taper in at the knee.  Pleats are your friend if you want to give the illusion of more junk in your trunk.


That's enough to work on for now.... tomorrow we'll work on your body's shape!     Until then, LOVE. YOUR. SHAPE.

Love The Body You're With! Part 2 May 06 2016


Everyone has their share of body issues!  But it's time we embraced jiggly midsections,  short legs and booties large AND small!

There's so much to adore!  Stop stressing and start flaunting your killer assets!

Read on fellow Goddesses for tips on making the most of YOUR silhouette! 

Today ladies we're going to address the dreaded CANKLE and then we'll move upward to your adorable BABY BUMP!

Cankles?  WORK IT!  Ditch that habit of hiding under wide leg pants!  Heels and flats with low-cut vamps are perfect for you as they elongate your foot.  Match your hosiery to your shoe color for a monochromatic look that elongates your calves.  Going bare legged?  Wear pointy toe pumps in a shade close to your skin tone.  Wear stacked heels as opposed to stilettos, they will balance your lower half better.  And finally, look for hems that hit above the knee cap to show the most defined part of your leg; the area just below your knee!  

Baby Bump?  WORK IT!  In the beginning you could wait for the rounding of your belly because you were so excited about who was inside!  Now you just feel ROUND!  Own it!  The secret to looking on point?  Retain your style by investing in staples you would wear pre-pregnancy then take them to the tailor and have them altered to wear during your pregnancy!  Chooses dresses that accentuate your tummy without hugging your waistline, like a wrap dress, shirtdress or empire.  

That's enough to work on for now.... tomorrow we'll tackle your butt!  Well, not literally...    Until then, LOVE. YOUR. SHAPE.

Love The Body You're With! May 05 2016

Everyone has their share of body issues!  But it's time we embraced jiggly midsections,  short legs and booties large AND small!

There's so much to adore!  Stop stressing and start flaunting your killer assets!

Read on fellow Goddesses for tips on making the most of YOUR silhouette! 

Ample Chest?  WORK IT!  Uncover your awesome shape by defining your waist!  Tuck in or belt and extra fabric so top don't drape shapelessly from your chest.  Wear the proper bra size!  Get measured for that holder!  You will thank me later!  Avoid high necklines and one shouldered asymmetrical cuts.  Both accent your bosom.  Instead opt for sweetheart or boatneck versions.

 Tiny Bosom? OWN IT!  Flatter sisters can get away with deep-V and scoop-neck styles which elongate your torso and look chic tucked into a gorgeous full skirt!  Don't double up on padding girls, we can tell.... seriously.  Instead opt for a bra that provides shape, not bulk, like underwire freestyles from Gap Body.  If you need to balance out your top half with your bottom half, rock a top in a textured fabric or heavy knit style that adds fullness.  

That's enough to work on for now.... tomorrow I'll talk to you about the dreaded CANKLES!!!   Until then, LOVE. YOUR. SHAPE.





The La De Da Girls Are Here To Help! January 07 2016 2 Comments

(Dress in photo:  Paper Dress called .45 Caliper by Leah VonFange)

If you have ever stood in front of your closet dumbfounded or walked into a store to buy clothes, stood there and then was so overwhelmed you just turned around and walked out, this new blog is for you!

This blog is all about your questions!

We're here to answer your Fashion Conundrums and lead you to Style Victory!