Love The Body You're With - Finale May 27 2016

Short and Petite?

Big and Curvy?


Petite?  WORK IT!  I'm sure if you had a nickel for every time someone used you as an armrest or you could only shop in the kids department, you'd be a millionaire, right?  Well here's how to feel like you've just strutted off the runway!  You can pull off delicate prints beautifully!  Try to avoid larger prints as they can overwhelm you.  Show off those legs honey!  Your skirts should always be knee length or above to avoid looking squat.  Jeans?  Select a wide leg or boot cut style.  The denim should skim your thighs then maintain that width throughout so you can wear your heels without exposing your footwear.  It gives you a nice long line.  Choose your jewelry so that it takes the eye vertically and not horizontally.

Curvy?  WORK IT!  I know how you hate hearing "you have such a pretty face" or having your caloric intake silently monitored and don't even get me started about swimsuit season!  But guess what!  You don't have to be skinny to feel sophisticated, put together and sexy!  Be a smart plus size shopper.. a lot of designers create shapeless pieces and expect us to be happy, nooooo.... look for the items that can be adjusted to your own figure, like wrap dresses and belted coats.  Make colors and patterns work hard for you - brights or prints will attract attention to the areas you feel most confident about, while dark hues will downplay problem areas.  Need jeans?  Krazy Larry and DL1961 makes jeans with 4 way stretch that won't bag or sag.  What they will do is conform to your shape for a smooth, comfy fit.  

That's enough to work on for now....and remember...  LOVE. YOUR. SHAPE!