Love The Body You're With! May 05 2016

Everyone has their share of body issues!  But it's time we embraced jiggly midsections,  short legs and booties large AND small!

There's so much to adore!  Stop stressing and start flaunting your killer assets!

Read on fellow Goddesses for tips on making the most of YOUR silhouette! 

Ample Chest?  WORK IT!  Uncover your awesome shape by defining your waist!  Tuck in or belt and extra fabric so top don't drape shapelessly from your chest.  Wear the proper bra size!  Get measured for that holder!  You will thank me later!  Avoid high necklines and one shouldered asymmetrical cuts.  Both accent your bosom.  Instead opt for sweetheart or boatneck versions.

 Tiny Bosom? OWN IT!  Flatter sisters can get away with deep-V and scoop-neck styles which elongate your torso and look chic tucked into a gorgeous full skirt!  Don't double up on padding girls, we can tell.... seriously.  Instead opt for a bra that provides shape, not bulk, like underwire freestyles from Gap Body.  If you need to balance out your top half with your bottom half, rock a top in a textured fabric or heavy knit style that adds fullness.  

That's enough to work on for now.... tomorrow I'll talk to you about the dreaded CANKLES!!!   Until then, LOVE. YOUR. SHAPE.