Save Your Marriage Using Only A Jewelry Organizer! January 09 2018


You know who you are! All that jewelry taking up real estate on the top of the dresser or on the counter in the bathroom!  You know it makes your significant other nuts! 

So what's stopping you from organizing that glittery, fabulous mess?

First, let's figure out which Clutter Personality you are!

Sentimentalist- “Oh, the little darling. Isn’t that cute? I saved every single macaroni necklace each of my 16 children made from preschool up through college.” or "This bracelet belonged to my great Aunt twice removed!".

Hoarder-“I might need this someday. It's 10 years out of date and broken, but someday...."

Procrastinator-“I’ll do it tomorrow.  I need to figure out a game plan first."

Rebel– “I don’t want to and you can’t make me!” 

Do any of these clutter personality types feel familiar?

If you’ve struggled with getting organized in the past, chances are that you do see yourself in one or two of these types.

And if organizing has brought you into conflict with your spouse, it is likely that your spouse is a very different clutter personality type than you.

Appreciate your spouse’s different style and don’t take their resistance to getting organized as a personal affront. Validate their experience and that it makes sense why it may be hard for him/her, without playing psychologist. If they are willing to stretch out of their comfort zone and get more organized.

Like any issue in a marriage, organizing can be a source of conflict if you can’t appreciate the otherness of your spouse and their unique perspective. By understanding your spouse’s clutter personality type, you’ll be better equipped to working together in harmony and creating a productive home life.

And just think... you can take that first baby step by picking up all that jewelry that's taking up dresser space or counter top space and putting it in a pretty jewelry organizer!

So go from this....  to this... !