Why We Love Resolutions (And You Should, Too!) January 03 2018


When did ringing in the New Year become such a big deal?

Turns out, some 4,000 years ago, Babylonians rang in their new year with an 11-day festival in March, and ancient Egyptians celebrated the advent of their new calendar during the Nile River's annual flood.

By 46 B.C., Roman emperor Julius Caesar had moved the first day of the year to Jan. 1 in honor of the Roman god of beginnings, Janus, an idea that took some time to catch on. However, in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII brought the Jan. 1 New Year back in vogue with the Gregorian calendar -- a concept that persists today.

The new year can mean a clean slate... the perfect opportunity to start over, literally and figuratively!

Remember when you were 22 and decided that your resolutions would include losing 30 lbs, saving ALL your extra money and NEVER letting alcohol pass your lips again?  Now we know to take manageable steps!

Our older, more realistic resolutions are to lose 5 lbs a month, save a percentage of your pay and have that glass of wine only on holidays and celebrations.

Baby steps chicas!  Baby steps!

What's your New Years Resolution?  How can you make it more attainable? 

Make it fun, creative!  Tell your best friend, husband, wife, coworkers, kids... anybody who will hold you accountable!

Here's a link to some Accountability apps that will help keep you on track with your resolutions... Hold Me Accountable.

Feeling ambitious?  Here's a link to 50 New Year's Resolutions and how to do them all!!!

What's that?  What's MY new year's resolution?  Mine is to begin eating healthy again.  I LOVE Mediterranean food and am going to start with that!  Hold me accountable and I'll keep you posted!