Love The Body You're With! Part 2 May 06 2016


Everyone has their share of body issues!  But it's time we embraced jiggly midsections,  short legs and booties large AND small!

There's so much to adore!  Stop stressing and start flaunting your killer assets!

Read on fellow Goddesses for tips on making the most of YOUR silhouette! 

Today ladies we're going to address the dreaded CANKLE and then we'll move upward to your adorable BABY BUMP!

Cankles?  WORK IT!  Ditch that habit of hiding under wide leg pants!  Heels and flats with low-cut vamps are perfect for you as they elongate your foot.  Match your hosiery to your shoe color for a monochromatic look that elongates your calves.  Going bare legged?  Wear pointy toe pumps in a shade close to your skin tone.  Wear stacked heels as opposed to stilettos, they will balance your lower half better.  And finally, look for hems that hit above the knee cap to show the most defined part of your leg; the area just below your knee!  

Baby Bump?  WORK IT!  In the beginning you could wait for the rounding of your belly because you were so excited about who was inside!  Now you just feel ROUND!  Own it!  The secret to looking on point?  Retain your style by investing in staples you would wear pre-pregnancy then take them to the tailor and have them altered to wear during your pregnancy!  Chooses dresses that accentuate your tummy without hugging your waistline, like a wrap dress, shirtdress or empire.  

That's enough to work on for now.... tomorrow we'll tackle your butt!  Well, not literally...    Until then, LOVE. YOUR. SHAPE.