The Rules Of Evening Glamour - The Final Touch December 16 2016

It's time for the final touch.. the "Crown Jewels"!

This season ignore Coco Chanel's adage "Before you leave the house, take at least one thing off", because now MORE IS DEFINITELY BETTER!

Update the old fashion of matching jewelry, by wearing a mix and match of colors and stones.  Wear big bold earrings with that big bold necklace!

Speaking of this season, if you want THE piece this year, run (don't walk) to get yourself a choker!

The choker is THE must-have piece of the season, but the fitted necklace is known for creating even bigger sensations centuries ago!

Noblewomen in the Middle Ages wore chokers that featured a pendant stamped with St. Sebastian motifs to protect themselves from the bubonic plague.  During the French Revolution, young women attending secret Bals des Victimes (or Victims' Ball) wore red ribbons around their necks to mimic the appearance of being guillotined, expressing solidarity with the rebels who had been executed! 

In the nineteenth century, black ribbon chokers were favored by ballerinas, as they gave the desired appearance of an elongated neck.  Parisian prostitutes also wore a similar neckpiece, as depicted in Manet's Olympia.

Today, chokers are best known for their connections with style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gigi Hadid.

Versatile and easy to wear, the choker can be an eye-catching feminine accessory for day or night!  

To make a choker office ready, wear a version accentuated with lace or tiny beads in a complementary or tonal hue of your outfit.

After dark, opt for a bejeweled neckpiece sprinkled with diamonds, fur or crystals on velvet or satin.