2016 -2017 Fall / Winter's New Looks - Part 2 November 22 2016



Tall, black and a little bit edgy.  The boot is THE shoe this season!

The unusual power of a boot is that the higher it reaches, the sexier it becomes!

Choose black suede or leather, ensure the fit is perfect - not too tight, but definitely never baggy - and remember, boots are at their most provocative when you can't quite see where they end!

3 popular Thigh High boots this year are:

Stocking Boot:  Hugging the legs, the stocking boot is the most flattering with longer skirts.

Patchwork Boot: Detailed patchwork boots and a miniskirt will elongate you legs in an instant!

Adorned Boots:  Lace-trimmed boots deserve to be celebrated!  Wear either with a miniskirt or over skinny dark jeans.  Check these Boot Toppers out for that added sass!


Come back and visit us next week for tips on daytime glamour!

Until then ladies, stay sassy, classy and awesome!