I'M SO STRESSED OUT!!! December 17 2015


STRESS!  We deal with it on a daily basis.  But, are we dealing with it the best way we can?  Here are some tried - and - tested tips on how to de-stress.

1: Timing is everything!  Do your workout first thing.  Not only will it help prepare you for the day ahead, but levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that causes us to hold onto weight particularly around the abdominal region, are at their lowest in the morning.  The less stressed you are when you actually work out, the more weight you'll lose! (David Kirsch, New York trainer)

2:  Go Hot & Cold!  Studies show that hot then cold bathing tones the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems ( these define our response to stress ).  The changes in temperature, along with the water pressure, trigger the same effect in your lymphatic system, decreasing stress and inflammatory molecules. (Vicky Vlalchonis, Beverly Hills musculoskeletal specialist)

3:  Be Mindful!  Meditation is the antidote to stress.  As we meditate, our bodies release feel-good hormones oxytocin and serotonin.  The heart rate slows and, over time, the part of our brain that reacts automatically shrinks and the part of the brain responsible for our executive functioning increases. (Lynne Goldberg, U.S. meditation expert)

4:  The Right Diet!  Stress during the day leads to increased cortisol in the evening, so sleeping is difficult.  Getting less than 6 hours a night increases the body's inflammatory response, decreasing the appetite suppressing hormone, ghrelin.  So opt for a high antioxidant diet, salads, avocado, pumpkin seeds!  (Dana James, New York based nutritionist)

5:  Breathe To Relieve!  There is a direct correlation between the act of deeply inhaling certain aromas and how we perceive stress.  Opt for some essential oils!  Rose calms i the face of fear, frankincense eases frustration, lavender helps restlessness,, lemon  balm for anxiety, rosemary for chronic stress and fragonia for balancing emotions!  (Annee de Mamiel, aromatherapist)

6:  Reach Out & Help Someone!  Even when you're under pressure, take time out to do something for someone else.  Altruism promotes the release of oxytocin  which is why it's been shown to help combat symptoms of stress and promote feelings of well being.  (Kelly McGonigal, psychologist)