The ULTIMATE Shoe Rules! December 23 2015

Aquazzura's shoe designer, Edgardo Osorio talks about the ultimate shoe rules!

1:  Dress up flats, dress down heels!  Flat gold sandals with a beautiful gown?  Absolutely!  Elaborate jeweled heels with a man's shirt and jeans?  Of course!  Women should play with their shoes and dress them up and down!
2:  Melanie Griffith had it all wrong in Working Girl!  It's actually bad for women to wear high heels all day and then change into a flat or trainer.  Ideally you should go from high heel to mid heel to flat over the space of several hours... letting your Achilles tendon slowly elongate to minimize pain.
3:  Comfort is as important as looks!  Edgardo feels that luxury and comfort go hand in hand.  It's always about comfort and longevity.
4:  A heel can be TOO high!  When a heel is too high, the woman is on their tiptoes leaning forward and their balance is off.  Your body cannot physically take that pressure.  You can do real damage to your ankles and knees.
5:  You CAN learn to walk in heels!  Put on some music at home, slip on some mid heels and do some chores.  Once you're comfortable in those, change to higher heels.  If you trip, at least you're in your own home so it's not embarrassing.  If you do this everyday, it becomes habit!
6:  NEVER apologize for wearing flats!  One of the chicest women in the US was C.Z. Guest and she wore flats all the time!